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Major Benefits of Micro needling on Your Skin. Micro needling is one of the “natural” methods of facial rejuvenation, that is the ability of the face to heal by itself. In the recent times, micro needling is one of the most popular, and one of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures that are carried out by many plastic surgeons. This treatment is not destructive at all. Like a high tech acupuncture of the face, micro needling is carried out through a small needle treatment. It helps to stimulate the skin to ramp up its collagen production, improve its elasticity and smoothen its surface feel. In micro needling procedure, there is no use of harsh chemicals to strip away the skin, no laser burning away from the skin, no cuts, and no incisions, like in other treatments. There is nothing to “heal,” but the changes are spectacular. Follow me as we discuss the benefits on micro needling below; It is not costly. One of the most cost-effective facial rejuvenation procedures available is micro needling. Nowadays to get such treatments you are required to have a lot of money or be under a medical scheme and sometimes they don’t cover for all the treatments. However, with micro needling, it’s cheaper as compared to for example full facial laser resurfacing which very costly for an ordinary person. In micro needling it is not riskier as others, not expensive and it is more straightforward task. You will achieve its results faster. Unlike other facial treatments, the results of micro needling are achieved a bit faster. By the 1-2 weeks of your micro needling sessions, you will start to notice positive changes on your skin. You will continue to see more changes as you continue with your sessions, and after like six sessions or so, your face will have rejuvenated completely. By 6-12 months of continuous treatment, you will be able to get back that skin that you so desire. You need a qualified plastic surgeon to do it. Micro needling treatment might seem straightforward task to perform, but the truth is, some of them are a bit tedious than others. A micro needling that is healthier and more secure is carried out professionally by a certified anesthetic with his team which will be inclusive of a physician of the aesthetic medical practice. A combination of this team of expertise will add your confidence that you are dealing with professionals and that this exercise will be a success. A qualified plastic surgeon will ensure that you get the best treatment and with sterilized objects which are certified to perform a micro needling facial treatment. 5 Takeaways That I Learned About Resources

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